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State Route 32 & County Road 71, Quaker Springs, New York
[571 State Route 32, Stillwater, NY 12170]


Meeting for Worship and First Day School
each First Day (Sunday) 10 AM
All are welcome to share our worship.

Friends believe there is that of God in each individual and that we can directly experience that of God within ourselves and each other. All Friends’ practices, witness, and testimonies – simplicity, integrity, equality, peace stem from this basic belief.

Our form of worship reflects our belief that the Divine Spirit speaks directly to each individual soul. We are all responsible for ministry; we have no paid clergy. While we have advices and queries to guide us, we have neither dogma nor creed.
People who worship with us start from where they are, building on their past experience.
We have a program for children and teens. The variety of ages and backgrounds enriches our community.
 You will find much silence in our Meeting for Worship a silence of expectant waiting, and an opportunity for experiencing the presence of God. The silence is broken occasionally when a worshipper feels led by the Spirit to share a message, reading, or prayer. Every individual present enriches the fellowship, whether speaking or remaining silent.
We are a small country Meeting. Dress is casual.
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